Designer Support

We provide support services to Residential Designers with yacht projects.

Walkers Interiors’ has long term experience in the yachting industry. Our relationships with vendors and subs have been cultivated over decades. We expert at schedule and time management deadlines specific to yachts. Having worked with yachts for so many years we are familiar with the nuances, challenging applications and requirements that yachts have.

There are unique differences between Homes and Yachts.

Following are some examples of the challenges residential designers meet on yacht projects.

  • Boat Terminology
  • Marine CAD/drawings and Naval Architecture
  • Shipyard terminology, expectations and a general understanding of ship yard requirements and how they function
  • Understanding of the yacht construction process
  • Sub-contractors specific to the yachting industry
  • Electrical requirements
  • Sources specific to the yachting industry: anchored window coverings, custom shaped mattresses and bedding, custom stainless steel etc.
  • Specialty Finishes
  • Knowledge of Fire/safety requirements
  • Understanding Owner’s and Captain’s expectations
  • A working knowledge of general industry standard
  • A familiarity with Boat shows, how they function and the necessary requirements

We have past experience providing Residential Interior Designers with assistance in accomplishing projects and support the project without direct Owner involvement if preferable.

In addition to our knowledge and years of experience we also have the required Long Shoreman’s Insurance and a positive working relationship with Marine’s and many Shipyards not limited to San Diego. Over the years we have been involved in projects from Taiwan to Savannah, Florida, Seattle and Cabo.

If you are a Residential Designer with the opportunity to design a Yacht but do not want to take on the project due to lack of experience; with our help you now have the ability to do so. If we van be of any assistance please don’t hesitate to call.